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April 8, 2006

Above -- L-R:  Mario Calderini with Vidalia Vernoff, Evy Assaf with America Gutierrez, Eddie Werner, Haydee and Duke Buniff, EAugie is to the rear, Wally Vernoff separating Jerlyn Werner Courtney and George Werner.

Below:  Lili's Little Orphans minus Dan Ellis  -- L-R:
Mario Calderini, Evy Ellis Assaf, and the Werners - Eddie, Augie, Jernlyn, and George

Mario Calderini and sons

Above:  Augie Werner with wife Blandina and with brother Mario Calderini
Below:  Augie Werner with sister Jerlyn.  Right:  Jerlyn with Brittany, George Werner's daughter

Jerlyn Werner Courtney with Wally and Vidalia Vernoff