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Augie's Page
Lili -- Augie's Daughter accepts Jesus to her heart on Feb 24, 2008
She lives with George and  Deb Werner in Panama City, Florida


Date of Birth
July 30, 193
9 New Orleans, Louisiana
Date of Death
May 12, 2007 Pensacola, Florida

Wife, Blandina Englisbee Werner;
Two daughters, Lee Ann Werner Howard
and Lili' Linda Loretta Werner;
Two step-sons, Steven Franck and Aaron Franck.
Siblings, Daniel A. Ellis, Evelyn Ellis Assaf,
Jerlyn Werner Courtney, Edward M. Werner,
George R. Werner and Mario "Angel" Calderini;
Granddaughter, Kayla Howard; Many nieces and nephews.

2:00 p.m., Thursday, May 17, 2007 Central Chapel Worship Center
Pastor Lindell Ballenger, Officiating
Interment Holy Cross Cemetery
During my pre-teen and early teen years, Augie was my IDOL. I tried to imitate him, say the  same words as he said, and comb my straight hair like his curly hair. I thought he was the coolest! He would even allow the "little brother" to hang out and go to parties with him, Richie, and Kenny. All the while, overlooking my "social blunders".
In my late 20's and early 30's, Augie and I ran the bars together, sometimes to the distress of  those around us. In 1974 I met Jesus who removed me from that while Augie continued on  into a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs. In 1992 after many years in that life style Augie  met Jesus who INSTANTLY delivered him from all of that. He then would tell everyone of how  he was delivered as he moved into a closer walk with the Lord.
For 6 1/2 years Augie had fought cancer tooth and nail. He stared death in the face as he trusted in the Jesus who saved him. With faith he prayed, praised, and believed with his whole being. The last prayer he and I shared together was that the Lord would allow him 14 more productive years to see his youngest daughter turn 21. He believed is was possible.
But God, in His infinite wisdom decided otherwise, and called him home early.
On Saturday night at about 9:45 pm, Lili and Blandina heard a strange rolling thunder. Before going outside to see they checked on Augie and he was peaceful. For about fifteen minutes the strange thunder continued and suddenly stopped. Lili said, "let's check on Daddy." That
thunder, sent by God, had called him. Augie had left the building.
Augie started out as my idol and ended up as my hero. I never heard him complain about the cancer he was faced with. Augie was brave in death. May God bless you as He has already blessed Augie.
Eddie Werner
A Florida Vacation in 2005

Augie, Blandina, Lili, Lee Ann

Augie and daughter Lee Ann, who is 4 months older than Blandina, Augie's wife below.

LiLi -- 5-year-old progeny of Augie and Blandina Werner

These are Evacuee/Refugee/Retirees from Katrina '05

Lee Anne and her daughter Kayla
Augie's 14-year-old granddaughter

Poem by Tony Morazan about Augie and DeLago -- circa 1980

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