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Bucky's Photos
Bucky Courtney -- Jerlyn's oldest son says ---
I just copied an old VHS to DVD for my mom, and got some freeze frames.
1984 Family Reunion at "Augie's DeLago"

Mike Rodriguez -- Eldest
Lili -- Eldest daughter
with son, George Werner
Frank Rodriguez -- youngest
Mike and Wife
Dan Ellis
Bucky remembers vividly, "Uncle Mike giving us a dollar (when we were 11 or 12 out at Augie's)
and telling us to get him a pack of Belair's....
they were 75 cents out of the machine and we got to keep the change...

Family Gathering at Casa Garcia for Lili's 1989 Birthday

Lili and Miguel
Jerlyn and Dan
Jerlyn and Dan
Evy and Lili
Augie and Wife #5
Augie and Lili
Lili and Miguel with Scot Werner
Scot Werner, Ed's oldest and Lili
Jerlyn Courtney