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Last Communication from Carmen Rodriguez Philpott O'Brien

From: "carmen" <carmen@sirus.comOld>
To: "Dan Ellis" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 17:32:21 -

Hi! Danny :
     This is your Aunt Carmen.  I bet you thought I was dead.  I was in Intensive Care the first part of this year and am still struggling to hold on to life.  I do pray that I live long enough to carry out a few unfinished things.
     Quite sometime ago Jerlyn approached me with the idea that as the matriarch of the family now, Would I please write the family genealogy?  Well, when we had the family reunion, Ida  and Duke worked hard at all the data that was available to them up to that time . They did not know that Don and I had already invested quite a bit of time running to and fro gathering data for our family genealogy,  
Well, everyone was simply delighted to have the surprise of our lives when we saw the effort that the Ellis-Werner gathering had dedicated to complete it and present it to us at the Rodriguez Family Reunion in New Orleans.  Surely it was highly appreciated by every one.  
     When Jerlyn told me that her mother would tell her everything about the family --- that being young and immature it had gone in one ear and out the other,  We agreed that I should furnish the family history and she would type it up, edit it, and put it into a book form.
      My own beginning of my very own genealogy has not turned up, being packed in some carton which I have not opened (I travel so much),  I thought that I would have the opportunity to Include myself, somewhat, since I am one of the siblings.  Well my bibliographic genealogy is a bit unique since it goes back to our ancestry in Spain.   The culture which our parents gave us made sure we did not lose the family rites and traditions which their own parents and grandparents had inculcated in our parents --- and our parents in us.  I Made sure to introduce mama`s family and papa`s family.   How father and mother conducted their courtship and wedding.   I described the setting and the custom of that era giving their early struggles in marriage  The first house father built, The numerous children they had, When Papa left Costa Rica,  A train derailment when Mama traveled alone with her brood of children to join her beloved husband in Panama,  The next move was to Cuba and finally the U,S,A,
     If anyone of us had the talent --- they could draw the tree roots starting in Galicia, Spain.  The other tree In Sevilla, Spain.  The roots in northern Spain.  Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica,  The maternal roots from Sevilla blossomed in Cartago.  The roots consolidated and went to Panama, Cuba and then America.  These same roots are now widespread throughout the United States.  Some of the roots are to found in New Orleans and other parts of the state of Louisiana, and Texas, Mississippi, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, California, Atlanta, GA. and other states.
     Well Danny, do not overlook that time etc, is very much invested in this project.   So be sure the family knows that if they want a copy they must help defray its cost, I`ll send pictures for my part in the book when the time comes and everyone can do likewise with limitations.
     Well this is long enough .     
     LOVE  ---  Carmen.

Of course, as we know, dear Carmen passed away in November 2003
and some of us have lost contact with her immediate family.

Lili and Carmen


Dr. Carmen O'Brien

"Baby Marcelina" with the Werners and Mario Calderini, Sr.
Enlarged at Right -- "Baby" with Jerlyn Werner Courtney

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