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Family Emails
Send in your personal contact info if you wish it added here.

Lili's oldest son -- Dan Ellis, 228-342-3671
Web sites:  DanEllis.Net -- PassChristian.Net -- Publish-Now.Com
JazzInThePass.Com --- BayStLouis-MS.Com
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 20:22:50 EDT
Subject: Re: Eureka!
In a message dated 5/23/2006 6:05:46 PM Central Standard Time, danellis3 writes:
No one has sent me any photos lately. And none from Tiffany's wedding.

OK, OK, I got the hint. I'll get some pictures together and send them to you next week
..................I'll get them back, right?
I told Augie about your tamales and he said that he's proud of you being able to tackle that job. Keep him in your prayers
.............his cancer is spreading.
I'm so happy that you have "settled in".   So many of our family members are still "up in arms" about their futures.
Take care,  Jerlyn

Danny, I cried all over again reading parts of this wonderful book and the additions
in describing her first three husbands.
Jerlyn --- Lili's Second daughter

Uncle Danny:
I appreciate the work and passion you have put into this project,
and I look forward to reading through it more thoroughly.   Thanks, and Love,
Son of Evy and Roberto -- Ronny Assaf, 404 N. El Molino St. Alhambra, Ca. 91801
Home Phone 626-576-2115  Cell Phone 323-841-2115


Uncle Dan:
Wow, it would be an honor to be a part of the Rodriguez legacy.  
I'm not too sure what I can impart, but I am grateful that you asked me.
Also, I just met Ronny & Alessandra Assaf for the first time yesterday.
We all got together for brunch and had a wonderful time at her home.
Again, I was treated like part of the family and not like a stranger just like when I met everyone in New Orleans.  
This continues to be such a wonderful journey.  
As well, "Lili of the Lake" was mentioned at our gathering.  
Thank you for staying in touch with me.
Your nephew:


Hey Cuz Dan,
     This is Linda Gutierrez Trotter.  Aunt America's "last" daughter.  How are you?  
It was great going over your website about your family and our grandparents.  
It was absolutely fascinating!  
It was great to read about all of my cousins and their families.  
WOW, what a large group.  I am currently in Aspen, Co., where we stay from June until the snow falls (which is soon!) We will be leaving for our Fort Lauderdale home shortly, until next June.  I hope hurricane season is over.  
We lucked out with no damage, but the rest of the state did not fare so well.
     How are all of your girls?  My gosh, I remember Gina so well.  When I saw her photo it brought back many memories.  I also remember one summer when Brenda, Alicia and I went to visit Aunt Haydee  and Uncle Duke for awhile and we all drove back to New Orleans.  I remember Cathy being such a baby.  But I also read that Aunt Haydee was a "cry-baby" in her younger years!!  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.  What memories were flashing through my mind.  That was great!
     I have been married to James Trotter (of Burger King fame) for the last 21 years.  We have two boys.  James, who is 23 years old, is in the Air Force in linguistics school learning Arabic.  He just celebrated his 2nd wedding anniversary, and has a year old daughter named Elora, and one on the way.  He met his wife, EunJoeng, in Seoul, Korea while he was there as a missionary.   Being fluent in Korean the Air Force nabbed him to learn Arabic and he will, I'm sure, be helping our government to interpret in the coming years.
     My youngest, and my baby, is Sean.   He is currently a high school freshman attending an eastern prep school in New Hampshire called Holderness School.  
He will be 15 years old in November.  We miss not having him at home with us,
but he is quite a student and wanted the best education that he could get......also,
he is a skier, being from Aspen, and they are excited to have Sean ski on their freestyle team this year.  We are very proud of him!
     Well, enough of the boredom.  Thanks again for sending the e-mail.  It's fabulous.  I need to call my mom and let her know what I received from you.  
I'm sure she has probably seen it already.
     Take care of yourself and thanks again.


Dec 2004
Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo
Hi Cuz,
I had not realized that our family had spawned a muse. Way to go! You were gifted with an intellectual curiosity, but how did you get started? Some of your titles are very interesting. Do you also paint? Sculpt?
All is well in Mandeville. The boys are healthy and with their families will join Agatha and me for Christmas.
Again, Blessings.


E-mail Copy recieved Jan 7, 2005
Hola Jane:
This is not easy. I'm on Garro key board and it´s different then mine.
I guess by now, you know that I arrived in Costa Rica in one piece.   
Have not started to drink yet, but I will be on my way any time soon.
because in two weeks I will have to stop and dry out.
Let´s wait and see.
Take care, Nad tell the triplets that LLELLE is in Costa Rica,
and that I will bring some little gift from this country.
Take care Y Pura Vida. Teach the 3 pura vida.


January 7, 2005
Dear Uncle Dan:

Happy New Year to you and yours!

I hope you are well and things are going nicely for you.  
L.A. is keeping me pretty busy.   I'm working
on a couple of new projects and still looking for a
publisher for my novel  that I completed in November.

Not sure if you know or not  -- but my Pop, Mario,
will be visiting me out here next week for about
5 days.  He will stay with me and I so look forward
to seeing him & spending time with him.  In fact, my
cousin Lorna Lipton and Suzy Vernoff are planning a
gathering when he comes to town.
I have been getting closer with
Alessandra, Ronny, Kathy, Jenn, Suzy, Lorna,
and of course, Aunt Haydee & Aunt Vidalia, Uncle Duke
& Uncle Wally, along with other family members out
here in L.A. as well.  God has been so good to me.

Take care for now & tell all hello for me:
Your nephew,


January 7, 2005
Wow, I just read the entire Rodriguez Heritage. Danny, you have done a great job in putting all the facts on paper. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about our grandparents and uncles and aunts.

On Carmen's page, you noted that she passed away in early 2004, but actually she died in 11/03.

I appreciate all your hard work and will be sending you some information and pictures
on my little family.

I haven't talked to Elynor in several years, but I did speak to her at length last night. She was delighted to hear that I saw you at Eve Marie's house last summer and that you looked great and are involved in your books and websites. She and I talked about your eldest grandson, Anthony, serving in Iraq. My church has a picture of him on our "prayer bulletin board".

I wish for you a wonderful and blessed 2005!!

I love you,  Jerlyn


Jan 7, 2005
Just got your e~m containing the request to forward onto those fam~mem's not already listed.
You may be hearing directly from the following:
Vi & Wally Vernoff
Suzanne Vernoff
Evy & Robert Assaf (You don't have your own sistah's e~dres???)
Ko & Alessandra (Assaf ) Koedjik
Jennifer Bryant (Marcelle's daughter/Carmen's granddaughter)
Matthew & Tonya Iles (Lowell's son/Carmen's grandson)

What a lovely site!   
Thankyou so very much for the time & effort involved.
I'll have to keep on Dad's butt to get their photos scanned
& to send you the info he has, to which Carmen referred in her last communiqué.
It was fun to read my other cousins' responses.

Hey, Linda! It was "Kathy," with a "K" not a "C." And of course I was "such a baby."
I'm an only child, remember? I didn't have the fun (?) of all the older brothers
with whom you & Alicia grew~up. At least, that summer,
I wasn't the one who broke her arm trying to ride a skate board downhill!   *lol*
Seriously, your family sounds wonderful & I'm glad that you & yours are well.
Love, Kathleen!

(Vi's daughter & I decided to use our full names when we entered High School.
We both were having nightmares of being 9Ø yrs old, in nursing homes
& people still calling us "Suzy" & "Kathy! " {{{ ugh!!! }}}

More later, Dan, & again, T~Y!

~ KaMaBu! >;~} ~

Jan 9, 2005

What a neat way to get long lost cousins getting back in touch with one another or just catching up on the decades that pass so very quickly.


Jan 9, 2005

Uncle Danny,  I have more to write about Lili and others but must go.
Bio and photos to come.   I'll pass this along to the rest of my family . . .
You said we could send in bits and pieces and you'd compile them later.
I am a new business owner now, so I'll contribute as I recall beautiful memories.
I have many wonderful memories of my sweet, beautiful, charming grandmother, Lili.
I can still hear her voice saying to me, "Tee-fah-nee, come here, baby."
I also, see prominently, her grand smile, which always welcomed everyone.
As far as Lili's hot chilli pepper sister, Aunt Vidalia...
Watch out because she always got the party started with her sweet little voice as she'd shout,
That was the curvy red head, with skin tight, black shiny pants and 3 inch pumps,
my Great Aunt Vidalia and her snazzy husband, Uncle Wally,
as they would cut up a rug before our eyes.
I will always remember Aunt Haydee's beautiful red nails and soft spoken words.
She likes to tease, though!  She'd say to me, "get away from me, you're too pretty."
She'd make me smile.
Now, Uncle Duke isn't kidding when he admires his wife from afar and says,
"look at my beautiful bride over there."
They are a living love story!
(Evy and Roberto Assaf's daughter)

Contact info:
5640 Hawthorne Place, N.O., LA 70124  ---- 504-483-9191

Special Note
Tifa has the right idea to do  One Liners

The picture is only a couple months old...
My 17year-old, Chandra, just came to visit her Daddy....
I'm up in North Mississippi, just south of Memphis, TN, dealing dice at the Horseshoe in Tunica.   Never thought I'd be here this long, came here on the way to Vegas back in 95.  Spare time's spent just being lazy or riding my bike. Still (officially) single...
Just clicked around the website...
and I had never seen a picture of Gussie (GrandPa Werner) ... great work Dan!

**************Jan, 11, 2005*************

Uncle Danny,
What a treat.  Thank you for pulling us together in cyberspace --
the medium of choice these days.
I love the Web site, and I hope it lasts forever in the care of another
manager as computer-literate as you.
As an adjunct to our inner-circle Web site, I'd like to suggest an extremely
user-friendly site that makes it possible to really draw all the
genealogical lines together.  I'm sure you've heard of  I
actually had a row with them a couple of years back, so I wasn't too pleased
with the idea of using their services.  But when it came to me (free of
charge) by way of an extremely with-it sentimentalist on my father's side
out in the Pacific Northwest, I signed on and found myself connected to so
many extended relatives that I didn't know existed!  And as an end-user, it
really puts little pressure on the person at the helm.
The site is set up to cater to the needs of people putting together highly
complex family trees.  And it doesn't take much to get highly complex!
Anyway, I read that you were looking for someone to take over the site for
you.  That would not be me.  But I thought I'd throw this idea out to
possibly fend off the fears of anyone shy about designing the extended
branches of a growing family tree.
I hope you have the happiest of years in 2005, and I look forward to our
continued contact thanks to your beautiful Web site!
 "Roxane (one \"n\") Assaf"


Dear Uncle Danny: Happy New Year !
Thank you very much for wrecking my work-day
with this TERRIFIC trip down memory lane !
I am happy to report that I got absolutely nothing done at work today once I started out on this very sentimental journey.
I love reading this really wonderful web site!
Now I am writing...Good grief !
Charlie Brown (alias, Robby Assaf, son of Evy and Roberto )
Check out Robby's WebSite below

Jan 12, '05
I will be seeing most of the folks Saturday, @ Lorna's fête for Mario & Drew~Michael, for what I have dubbed "Rodríguez~West."  Those who are not Angelenos, I have re-e~m'd to ask that they specify cool/uncool as to my passing along to you their e~dresses.  
Of course, I am sure that everyone will respond in the affirmative.  
I am just very hesitant to give their info w/o their explicit consent, which I am sure that one as computer/internet~savvy as you can easily understand.  
In the past five years, I have slipped~up three times when forwarding e~m's.  
And boy, did I ever catch it from the original senders!  Enough about me & my e~m peculiarities!
Back to Rodríguez~West. I'll be sure to have Ko (Alessandra has to work.) bring his digi~cam & take loads of pics to send you.  Lorna had asked that everyone bring their "old" family photos for D~M to pour thru.  I'll see that Ko also captures some of those for the site.
I know that Mummy has has at least one of Daisy w/ Jimmy (her husband) & all their children. Well, that's it fer now.  I think I have rambled~on long enough.
Love to all.
~ KaMaBu! >;~} ~


Dear Brother Dan,
           You have always been one to initiate things in life, good and bad,
but this is definitly one of your best moves!!!
            Flying out to LA tomorrow night to see Drew-Michael- will respond to you upon return.
                                                                                                 I love you, Bito

Uncle Dan:

Thank you so much for including me as a part of the Rodrigues family's
rich heritage.  I am so thrilled that you posted a web page for me.  
You are so kind. I have never had anyone do anything like this for me.
Please know, meeting you, Mario and my extended family has been life changing. I talk about it all day to whoever will lend an ear.  It is an amazing event.
 I can't wait to pick up my POP from the airport in Los Angeles tomorrow night.
He will be visiting me for almost a week and will stay with me.
He has no idea, but a family gathering of our L.A. family members
will be at Lorna Lipton's house on Saturday.  
I am just so very excited to see this take place.
My biological father will be living in my home!   It is such an honor.
The more we get to know each other, the more we find we have in common.
Both of us were in the former USSR in August of '91.
This was just days before the split of Russia.  
And  we also returned the summer of '93 to Moscow.  
Both times we were on a church mission trip and we never met. How wild is that?
AND the fact that I grew up in the same city and lived only 25 minutes away from him the majority of my life and never knew it.
Well, it is so great to be making up for lost time now.  I can't wait for his arrival!


     Hey 'Danny Boy', as my momma lovingly refers to you. What a treat to log onto the Rodriguez website, particularly the 'ode' to my lovely aunt, your precious mother.  What a breathtaking soul she was. . . . . . . well, still is.  I found it strange, yet somehow fitting, that one of the few aunts I hadn't the luxury of more interaction with was a combo perhaps of my mother's lifetime of fond memory recounting . . . . Whatever it was owed to, I felt a genuine kinship with your mom, & it was always very strong & vital the various times we interacted - - I'm sure she knew it too.
     It was critical to me that "I" be the one to escort my mother to see Lili in the hospital just a few months before her passing. I was about 5 months pregnant with my first born, (son Dorian) but I had to make the pilgrimage . . . . . I had to see her one last time.  I'll never forget the first thing she said when my mother & I approached her bedside.  Her eyes widened & a quick, broad smile came upon that face, & as her glance bounded from my mother's face, to mine, back to Vidalia's, she exclaimed, "Oh my, I see two Vidalia's . . . . one younger & one older!"
     When my daughter was born 4 years ago, her first name had come to me in a dream.   Actually, in the dream the baby was a girl & she named herself by showing me the letters of a name I had never come across, written in bold, black writing on a blank paper.  It made perfect sense to me in the dream (dream logic) that the baby was reaching me telepathically & selecting her name: A L I Y A H.  In the dream I pronounced it UH-LIE-UH, so that is how we say it.   Looked it up the next day, sure enough it's a Hebrew name, means rising to God.  How on earth could I dispute that.  Of course, I had 1st choice of her middle name, which is appropriately, Liliana.  We call her Lili for short.  She was named for two people; My name, Suzanne, means Lilly of the Valley & your mother, who was very special to me.
     I would love to contribute to the growing 'familia' website, and will be greatly freed up to do so as we approach summer, when kids get out of school & things slow down.
     As a single mom of two, I have a BUSY life.  Then again, we all do.

Regards & love,
Click Photos for larger view

I will add more when I can.
Your creation of this website, is one of the most moving & loving gestures I have experienced.
Love, Cuz Suzy
(daughter of Vidalia and Wally Vernoff)

February 5, 2005
Dear Uncle Danny and Family,
Your work on this Family project is fascinating and so very impressive.
This endeavor is greatly appreciated.  
It's wonderful to know about relatives and their families.
As for Costa Rica,Yes!   
It is home to me --- however, we (my beautiful wife and daughter Maria Teresa and Maria Fernanda) have moved back to New Orleans to continue our real estate ventures/management.  We spend our summers in Costa Rica where we enjoy "La Manzanita."  This is our apple farm which is between Cartago and San Isidro and is situated along side the Rio Sevegre (7200 Ft. altitude).
Costa Rica is a truely a special place and I encourage all the family and friends to make the journey.  You won't regret it.  Should anyone care for travel tips/family contacts/suggestions about Costa Rica,do contact me for it would be my pleasure to share what I know and have many years experience there.
By the way, Mama and Papa (Rodriguez) are legends
and are still very much alive in Costa Rica.
Stephen Ellis Assaf


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 17:29:44 -080
Hey, Cuz!

I just got an email from Suz about the snaps taken at Lorna's pary two months back. The camera was Lorna's & altho I have asked her about their standing, I've still not heard. I'll give her a call tonight. (She & Tim don't have a computer! Can ya believe it? I constantly chide them about stepping into the 20th century before the 21st closes! ) Will let ya know what happens.

Also, when I went to the site to get the URL for Jenn, I spent some time reading what Daddy wrote & looking at the photos. There is one big correction that needs to be made. You have one identified as Lili & Miguel's wedding, w/ America, Mummy, & Vidalia standing behind Lili, Miguel, & Carmen who were seated. That pic was taken at my parents' 50th Anniversary party in 1991, when they renewed their vows. I recognised Mum's dress. It was the last time that the surviving Send Generation were all together (Deysi couldn't make it; her husband Jimmy wasn't doing too well & she didn't want to leave him for the week.).
Not as important, but in case you want to know:
The three preceding photos were all taken in/outside my folk's home in Santa Monica. The occaision was Mike's 70th Birthday. It was a "surprise party." He knew that he & America were coming to the Folk's for his birthday but he didn't know that Lili, Frank, & Rico were on the next flight out! Not that the Assaf's had already started a car~trek to be there also. Can't remember who stayed where, beyond my putting~up three of the Assaf boys at my little house in West Hollywood. Quite interesting; driving them around in my two~seater MGB!

Anyway, gotta jump. My Jack Russell is sitting at the front door yapping for me to take him to the local dogpark for some excercise. Later.

~ KaMaBu! >;~} ~

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 05:29:30 EDT
Subject: Update Your E-Books . . .
. . . if you've not already done so!  
As of 11:59 pm [PD~ST] today, [Friday the 29th of April], my original AOL
inbox [from which this is being sent] will be no more.

Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 22:39:48 -0400
Subject: Mariachi Champagne  Brunch!!  YES!
Hola, Dan!
My Mother, my wife JANE and I will attend (Jazz in the Pass),  hell and high water.  I will know Monday, the 2nd, if Raul  and Alica will tag along.
Dan! Monday evening I will know  just how many will be going to PASS  CHRISTIAN other than my mother, my wife, and my self.  Three for sure. More to come.  I will be paying for the Gutierrez SPIC's.
super Spic " LLE-LLE
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:44:25 EDT

I am very excited to share with you
my lastest writing project called,
" ...Still Amazing."
Please visit my web link to read the synopsis
and my bio. I am represented by "ST Literary Agency" who are actively promoting the manuscript to publishing houses.
I would love your feedback and comments and would warmly receive your prayers
and petitions for the novel to go into
publication. The entire manuscript
of, "...Still Amazing," is also
available via email , at
your request.
Thank you for all of your support~

If the link above does not activate,
please enter the web address manually.

Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 15:00:56 EDT
Subject: It's A Small World!
Uncle Dan:
I hope you are well. It has been a while.
Thanks for your kind words about my
web site. I just want to glean from you
all I can. You know, keepin' it in the family!
Also, I wanted to fwd you this email from
my first cousin that I grew up with. She  had
seen your web site and found out that she
is friends with Mario's wife's sister.
It is a SMALL world:
PS> I'll be in New Orleans for the wedding.

Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 12:50:59 -0500
Subject: It's A Small World!

Hey Cuz!
How's everything? Your novel sounds really good - love the cover!
I hope all goes well and that it will be published soon.
It would be so cool to have someone famous in the family!
Anyway, after reading your bio of all the things that you've done, I did a Google search for your name to see what else you might have been up to that I didn't know about (yes, I'm a nosy, rosy). A few different things came up but the one that caught my eye was "Lili of the Lake". Really cool site about your Pop's family. Your Pop is a good looking man, and I can definitely see the resemblance.
While reading about your birth dad I saw that he was married to a Charlotte Fullilove.
Well, to make a long story short, I am good friends with Linda Fullilove (Charlotte's younger sister). Our sons play baseball and football together at the same playground. When I showed her the printout of the website, she freaked out. She was like "Where did you get this?", "Oh my God", etc. Linda's Mom and Dad were at the playground that day so they saw the printout also (Ken & Maudie).
Linda's Mom was freaking out and got on the phone right away with Charlotte.
Evidently, they had no idea about this website. Linda told me that you are coming in town soon to marry her niece, (Perform the Wedding Ceremony to) Akeesha. How cool is that!!!!!! Hopefully we'll get to see you when you come in. Lots to catch up on. I know I don't have to tell you, but your Pop's family is huge! Good luck in keeping all of your "new" cousins straight!
Such a small world indeed! Anyway, hope all is going great for you. As busy as you seem to stay, you deserve nothing but good things to start happening to you.
Gotta run.  Love ya,
Note: Still more on Serendipity and Such!

Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 13:36:10 EDT
Subject: Fullilove connection

Uncle Dan:
I hope you are well.
I'm looking forward to seeing you at the wedding in July.
Thought I would forward this email to you.
Apparently your web site gets plenty of hits.
It is a small world:
See Attachment Below

Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:27:57 -0500
Hey Cuz,
I need your help, as you can see from the following message that I received this a.m.
I don't have Linda's number on me here at work.  Maybe you could forward this e-mail to Mario and he could pass it on to Charlotte.  This is wild!!!
Hope to see you soon!
Love ya,
-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Fullilove []
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:52 PM

My name is Jim Fullilove and I live in Gulfport. I am a researcher of the Fullilove family history and I came across your posting on the "Lili of the Lake" webpage. I have been trying to find out how the Ken & Maudie Fullilove family that you mentioned is connected to the other Fullilove families who live in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. If you could please put me in contact with Linda, Charlotte, Ken or Maudie, I would like to learn more about their family.   Any help would be appreciated. (yes, I'm a nosy, rosy).
Jim Fullilove
Gulfport, MS

Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 00:44:23 EDT
Subject: Hi Danny!
I got involved with the Jim Fullilove (Gulfport connection) and did a Google Search with my name....................and sure enough, Lili of the Lake came up.

Anyway, I look at your website several times a month to see what family emails have been included. Last night (for the first time) I saw your addition at the end of the Family Email section and decided to send some pictures to you. (You do mention that they will be returned). If they cannot be returned then I will Xerox them and send the copies. I have several that I would love to see on the website and are ready to send them.

Cathy and I just returned from our yearly trip to Costa Rica and I'm including two from our trip. I went on a terrific canopy tour near the Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake.

I am leaving Thursday for three awesome weeks in China. I'll be back for the wedding and I'll help you take photos of all in attendance.

Love ya,


Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 00:14:15 EDT
Hi Danny,
It's been a long time.  I am sorry that i missed the wedding.  I could slap myself.
Your Little Sis but My adopted Big Sis, Jerlyn gave your email address to me.
Li-Li was stunning.  Why can't we keep our looks?  Marilyn Monroe sang the song...
"We All Loose Our Looks in The End ! "

Your website...Absolutely Beautiful.
You were always just too cool.  Always the 1st.  I adored your Mom - your were her 1st too.
I think about her always.  She touched my life because she was an inspiration to me.
You don't have a pic of Snowfoot.  ( I can still picture her & hear her voice, Saying... "Snowfoot...get down."   I believe she named him Snowfoot because he had a white paw or two.
Have someone tell the story about the time she fell off of a cliff of a mountain, while riding in a jeep.  When she told me that story, I was shocked.  When they got to shore & were safe, they told her how lucky she was because the area was Shark Infested.  I almost ran out the house.  Her tone went with the story as she was making her voice spooky to fit the story.  I was flipping out, she was getting her kicks laughing.
It's such a loss.  Why do we have to die.  That breaks my heart.  
Anyway, I enjoyed your family website.  Li-Li was a beautiful Lady, from the inside out.
She Had Charm with Hollywood Looks on the outside & on the inside she had the durability to remain a lady at all times.  She had strength to overcome the bad times & the determination to provide a family life with love & admiration for her children.  We know today, that wasn't easy to do with one child. so to every mother... multiply what you have done for 1 child by 7.
All though She has gone, her spirit, remains.  The thoughts of her continue to warm my heart.  Some how, She still provides inspiration for me.  
I went to her house one day after I went shopping & I showed her a dress that I bought. She offered to alter it for me.  I thought that was very kind of her.  I remember bringing a plant to her for being so nice to me.  It was a Zebra plant.  Every time I see a Zebra Plant, it reminds me of her.  That dress turned out to be the best tailored outfit that I ever had.  I have a pic but can't find it. A.d.d   I will send it when i find it.
It's a pic of me, karen -frank's step daughter & another friend.

Nov, 11, 2013
Hello. My name is Kathryn Ann Rodriguez. My father is Kenneth Paul Rodriguez, I believe him to be Mike's son, and Angel's grandson...However, that birth order could be backwards completely, as I've rushed through every typed word on my tiny cell phone screen you've so elequently regarding the side of my family I was always curious about, but was never allowed to be a part of due to my stepmother (lovingly known as mommy dearest), Karen Splane - Whom he married after my mother left and divorced him in 74 or 75 (her name at the time was Nancy Deane LeBlanc Jeffers from Krotz Springs).
I"m currently living in Austin, Tx.Finishing up my divorce out of Jax, Fl. I have three grown children, Deric Jordan Davis turns 24 Nov. 30, and has my only grandchild - Shai Jordan Davis (Shy) turning 2 on Xmas, Tanner Ashton Davis- My only girl, is 21 (attends UCF/Orlando as a Jr.), and Riehle (Riley) Keaton Davis is 18 (attends St. John's State as a Freshman).
From my second (and hopefully not last) marriage, I have Landon Merit Kelley, age 11, and my youngest is Sutton Baker Kelley, age 9.
The littles live with their poppi in Jax, as he has residential and I'll have them on school breaks and holidays. Gotta chime in with my personal opinion...DIVORCE STINX!
Anyway, I have so many memories of the times I visited Kenny, in Krotz Springs, as well as helping to build he and his buddys' camp down the river, his home in Baton Rouge where he was raising my brother, Ted Rodriguez (adopted at birth), and then finally, Metairie.
Haven't seen him since I flew there to introduce him to his first grandchild, Deric, at 1yo - Who learned to walk at grandpa's tiny apartment on Poplar 23yrs ago.
Would like to reconnect. Both with him, as well as my "ghost family" spread throughout the world.
Would love and be grateful for any reply you may send my way.
Kas (my nickname) Davis-Kelley
However, Kenny always called me Cadillac.


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