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Lili of the Lake

Following Hurricane Katrina's severe damages to Lili's home (6105 Milne), her sons, Eddie and Mario were cleaning up the attic and found the above photo,  Click Photo for larger picture.

The pages found in this website come from their original form in a book published in limited edition by Lili's children.  It is a compilation which is hardly complete but was a sharing of grieving thoughts that were printed in 1997 and now placed on this website to benefit those who wish to continue adding to the  
data base with words or photographs in continuing the Rodriguez Odyssey.  
Feel free to copy or print any of the pages or photos.

A Special Appeal
I am asking all who recieve an email and know other family members who have emails to please help update this ongoing family forum website.  Particularly, I am asking the Rodriguez and Gutierrez family members to scan or send photos with names and dates.  If you can't scan, then just make even a xerox copy and send photo and names to me as your contribution.
Let's get on with it!
We're all getting younger and have time to do it!

Let's fill in the Blanks!  
I thank those who have emailed their thoughts below.
Dan Ellis Cell# 479-981-9551

If you wish to have your personal contact information added to the last page,
please email to:

Your current and past photos will also be posted to a separate page if you scan and send them to me.  Or, if you can't scan, mail photos and they will be returned.

Jerlyn Courtney reply
Ronny Assaf reply
Drew Michael reply
Linda Gutierrez Trotter reply
Maunuel Gutierrez reply
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