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Kathleen's Page
Kathleen Buniff alias KaMaBu
Aug.20, 2005

(As I've been told -- that I write the way I speak,
anything appearing in this pink~ish are my asides to you
& shouldn't appear in posting to the Family site.)

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:45:30 -0700
Subject: Family Photos
Hey, Cuz'n!
Sorry I've not written since March
but am sure I don't have to tell you about Real Life interfering with Cyber Life!
Still have not gotten the pics from Lorna.
However, I am sending a slew that date back nearly a year.
There groupings are as follows:

1.» 19th September Ø4 @ Jenn & Jeff's

Alessi & Drew~Michael

Gabby & Brendalyn (Bruce's widow & daughter)

Alessi & Ko, her husband

Lorna (Alice's daughter) & Tim Collins

2.» Ø4th July Ø5 @ my Folks'

Mummy & Dad (He's wearing the headgear that Alessi came in with!)
Duke and Haydee at right

Sgt. Manlea PenHooligan, my Jack Russell
(wearing the same headgear)
He is part Rodriquez and part Buniff

Jenn (Carmen's grandaughter/Marcelle's daughter) & Jeff Greeley
3.» Ella Marcelle Greeley, born 26th July Ø5
(Carmen's great~granddaughter!)


Daddy Jeff
BabyFace (That's exactly how Jennifer looked, when she was a baby!)

4.» Tifa & Leo's pre~wedding invite announcement
Tiffany as FlowerGirl & Leo as ring~bearer
Flowergirl for Brenda Ellis' wedding

That's it fer now.
I haven't given~up on Lorna finding that camera with the snaps from the Rodríguez~West gathering & I'm about to write Suzanne about the ones taken in May at the Baby Shower she, Gabby & Vi gave at Vi & Wally's for Jenn & Jeff.
Much love to ALL!
KaMaBu! >;~}

NOTE:  Most of the Pink-ish asides were deleted

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