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I have beem moving from place to place this week ever since Sun, Aug 28, making it difficult for me to create this WebPage.  However, thanks to the diligence of several family members who have been diligently keeping everyone informed by emails, I will continue to update this page as you all help to feed in to it.

Thanks to Les Girls: Jerlyn, Kathy, Rox, Suzy, and Tiff
Teaming Up --- From Coast to Coast

 ******************************************Posted Sat, Sep 3, 2005 *******************************************
Includes all earlier Emails
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:15:34 EDT
Subject: How are you?

Just a quick line to find out how you are?

We still have power (and are in the minority in Baton Rouge to have power) and I praise the Lord for that! We lost cable hours ago and can't get GOOD information from the TV. The Internet has very little right now.

Angel has talked to everyone except Evy and you and is gritting his teeth to find out about New Orleans and the damage. We heard from Eddie (in Natchez) and Augie (in Destin) that the levee in Lakeview gave way and Lakeview has 3 feet of water. Nothing is confirmed.

Hope you faired well in Diamond Head?


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 18:50:52 -0500
Subject: Katrina
Well, how are you faring down there?

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 03:04:24 -0400
Subject: Re: The crisis in N.O.
Hey cuz.....How ya holding up?
Love, prayers & hope,
Suzy Vernoff
Okay, it worked this time. Lorna & Gaby do not have email addresses, but Jenifer Bryant does --
Thank you over & over again for all the time you invest in our family lagacy website. It is growing richer & more glorious with every contribution. Still 'gently' trying to get my momma to gather her thoughts about her life, so that she may submit a memoir, but it's still a challenge. I guess, Danny, Bruce's passing took too much out of her.
One note to Kathleen's page, Bruce's daughter's name is spelled BRANDALYNN.
Love & hugs & all that's harmonious,
Suzy V.
Dan.....are you there?  Are you okay?
Suzy Vernoff

Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 19:54:59 -0500
Subject: FW: Contact difficult
Hello, All.
Never knowing who I can reach and when, I have to guess that someone will
talk to someone and info will be transferred.
Some of you have seen these pics from Robbie.  It's midnight in Austria, and
I'm just back from work, so I can't call him for more details.
A science prof where I teach has the ramped up version of a satellite-image address locator (Keyhole).  The images are a couple of years old, but I was able to get an aerial look at 400 Spencer to compare its location to the levee break.  If you know those townhouses on Bellaire, you'll know that the
first streets to get washed included ours.  Christopher told me some sobering stories about Stephen's knowledge of how the levee wall was (and wasn't) constructed.
Issa's relatives have big new houses in the suburbs, and they have extended their welcomes.
Additionally, much intangible support is coming our way from friends.   The phonecalls and emails are overwhelming, so know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many.  Most of my close circle are city dwellers, so they are in hi-ticket areas with little spare room.  But even at that, they are
offering whatever they've got.
As for Robby et al, I can't get through on the phone, so if anyone does reach him, let him know that I've put in calls with some local schools.  I fear it could be a lengthy displacement.  I would urge him to get the kids
into schools right away.  The academic year has just begun.
Chicago's Catholic educational community is full of options.  Starting at the top, there's Loyola Academy in the Northshore suburb of Wilmette.  Very high-tone and difficult to get into, but under the circumstances.....
Not exactly simple-tone, but not quite as exclusive is St. Ignatius College Prep.  That's in Chicago on the southwest edge of downtown.
Nazareth Academy isn't Jesuit, but it's a high-profile school in a southwest suburb near where Issa and I are living.
Keep me posted.
Rx (708) 387-9008  (571) 259-4324
------ Forwarded Message
From: Robert Wagner
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:40:04 -0400

Subject: RE: Back at it
Hi Rox,
here as attachments are the fotos of the 17th street canal breach.
Glad all are okay. Jonathan? I still have no contact to my family and will have to
wait until they are rescued. They have food for 10 days or so but I am concerned about my mom. Wish I could do something. I feel so helpless. No one will be allowed back into the city for months, Rox.
It is chaos. Stay in touch. I need the contact.


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:41:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Family vs Katrina!
I received the following from Jerlyn.  (If you did too, just scroll~down to the line break (***) to read
my reply.)  Has your part of the Clan Rodrígues~South reported~in yet?  If not, or should you have an update
on my "intel.," please send it in.  To EVERYONE listed above!  (That's why I broke my own rule about NOT
placing recipients names/e~dresses in the To~field!)
From Jerlyn:
Just a quick note to let you know who I have communicated with since Katrina hit.  I'm sure most of
you have seen the devastation in the New Orleans area.
The now infamous 17th Street Canal breech is a few blocks from Evy's house.  So the Lakeview area is
suffering a great flood.  Bucktown as we know it is gone.
Anyway, as far as my siblings and their immediate families go, I've communicated with ALL except Evy and
Roberto.  Please let me know if you guys have heard from them.  I think Stephen is with them.  Roxane and
I have emailed also about this concern.  Phone service is HORRIBLE all around the state and the only good
communication is through email.
I've tried to contact Rico and the Guiterrez family,
but can't get through to their phones (and I even have Rico's cell number).
Anyway, I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know what I know.  Please keep your family members
in your prayers because no one can go home and they're being "farmed out" to friends and relatives.
Love and blessings to you guys,
If you guys hear from Evy and Roberto, please tell them that Jonathan was rescued from the family home.
Thx, J.

My Intel.:
        Evy & Roberto (w/ Stephen & his family) went to
        Arkadelphia(?), Arkansas (Is this REALLY a place?)
        Tiffany & Leo, Robbie . . . ?
        Danny, Augie, Eddie, George, Mario . . . ?
         America went w/ Alicia & her family to Hattiesberg.
         (Isn't that where the tornados are?)
         Robo & Gwen rode it out in their home which suffered no
         damage & has it's own generator.
         Raúl stayed in his apartment & said his car caught a falling tree limb.
         Rico & his family went to Florida (Don't recall exactly
         where Gwen, or if she even did.).
         Manuel, Margarita, LleLle, Daniel, Linda, . . . ?
         (I think Gwen said that Daniel's home is underwater!)
         Kenny, Tutti, . . . ?
Well, that's all that I know for know.  Lorna & I have been glued to the weather channel & am just mesmerized by the images.
Un~freakin'~believable!  Don't forget to check~in now.
And WHY did it have to be named "Katrina"?
Wishing AC, fresh drinking water, & dry feet to ALL.
KaMaBu/KatArIff  >;~}

 LleLle's copy of the message got bounced~back; mail dæmon said his inbox was too full.  Guess that's why I
've listed him among those from whom we've not heard, yet.
Well, I've heard from Jerlyn, Roxane, & Alessandra.
The relevant excerpts appear below my line~break
(I apologise for sending this as a mass~mailing; I'm too tired to address individual messages.  Some of
y'all are going to be getting your own excerpts back!
They cover only Aunt Lili's line; there are still some of Mike's (Kenny, specifically), America's (Manuel,
Margarita, LleLle, & Daniel), & Frank's (Aunt Tutti & Karen) that I don't know about.  If any of you hear
about those three branches please let me know.  I simply dread having to contact the Red Cross Info
Manlea & Me!  >;~}

From Jerlyn @ Ø9:28 PM, PDT:
Yes, Arkadelphia is a real place!  Tiffany and Leo are there*, but Evy and Roberto and Robby and his family
are here in Baton Rouge.  Stephen* and Jonathan are also with their folks.
Angel and Miguel are here with me.  Angel's family are in Lake Charles.  Augie is in Destin, Fl., Georgie is
in Alexandria, Danny is safe at Diamond Head, Ms. and Eddie and his entire family are in Lake Charles with
my son, Matthew.
(Regarding America & Alicia in Hattiesberg) No, there were no tornadoes sighted there . . . all safe.
. . . talked to Rico earlier today and he and Cookie and Miguel were looking for a place to stay.  They are all OK.
People are now desperately looking for temporary housing in Baton Rouge.  We are turning into a
mini-New Orleans. I've found a large home for Eddie and his brood (11 in all with 2 dogs).  I just rented
an apartment for Eve and her daughter.  
I'm currently looking for a house for Robby and his family . . .  leaving in 4 hours flying to Seattle and
will be gone for 2 weeks.  (Taking an Alaskan cruise)
. . .  I feel a little guilty leaving, but I have to look on the bright side . . . I'm freeing up a bed!!  LOL
(*Please see Roxane's info below for more current  relocations of Tiffany & Stephen.)

From Roxane @ 9:57 PM, PDT:
My mother and father are supposed to have relocated to an unoccupied apartment belonging to the family of a
friend of Tiffany's.  . . . they had been at a hotel across the street from
the hotel Robby and family were/are in.
Don't know where the info came that Evy and Rbto were  going on to Arkansas.* . . . Tiffany and Leo are
planning to leave  there and head out to Leo's parents' place on Whidbey
Island near Seattle.  Stephen's heading to Seattle.
(*Info came from Dad; he'd spoken w/ them just as they
were walking out their door.  He'd been trying to call everyone
down there & was a bit frazzled as he could only reach Evy & Raúl.)

From Alessandra @ 11:10 PM, PDT:
. . .  Sadly, the 17th Street Canal caved to pressure
DIRECTLY at Spencer Avenue.  The Assaf Homestead is . . . well . . . who's to say what it is . . . gone.  
Jonathan (there at 400 Spencer and having slept soundly  through Katrina's sache by NOLA) suddenly heard what
sounded like a war zone; black water raging into the house through every burst orifice, the refrigerator
sailing up to the ceiling and out the bay window in the den. From the second floor balcony, he crawled
across the arbor to the carport roof, watched his car float away, saved some guy floating by, (" . . . help me, help me, I can feel I'm
losing my strength . . . "), and together they were rescued and taken to some bridge to set up camp.  
Jonathan is now reunited with my folks in Baton Rouge.
Stubborn, little sh**!  I imagine they don't know whether to hug him or throttle him.
Tiffany wonders about her wedding gown; my mother mourns her photograghs; Stephen, his guitars. But all
are safe, albeit psychologically badgered.*  . . .
(* [sic])
 LleLle's "SuperSP(i)C" inbox is still maxed~out.
MAnlea & Me!  >;~}
Sláinte,KaMaBu/KatArIff!  >;~}                                              
  "After age 50 one's mind tends to float in the Ether  because Gravity has tightened it's grip on one's butt w/ a Vengeance!"               **********************************************************************
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 20:11:01 -0500
Subject: Photos of Levee Breach

Sorry for sending this bulk mail.
Everyone's concerns and questions are so appreciated.
These photos of the broken canal wall say more than I can.
Family is all accounted for.

The break occurred at our street. In the shot looking from the break down
the street I can clearly see the roof of my childhood home. Siblings' homes
are in there, too.

Thanks for taking a look.
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 00:26:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Hell's Bells!

In a message dated 9/1/05 3:50:23 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
My Will is in my head!
Let me know and I'll get back.  I arrived in Alabama last night.

Well, thank God that you are OK.  We suspected that your home was in harm's way and were thankful that you went to higher ground.

Augie is in Pensacola and has a furnished home.  His cell phone 504-908-4836.  Call him if you need a place.

Angel is with me and I found a house for Eddie and his brood.  We are concerned about you and your whereabouts. I've heard from all our siblings and their children and ALL are OK...........thank the Lord.
Most are in Baton Rouge right now.

My home number is 225-924-3941.........let us hear from you.

Love you,


Just heard from Manuel!
Am including his message & my reply below my
line~break (***).
KaMaBu!  >;~}
Manuel wrote:
Tell Dad and Danny Ellis that my entire branch of Gutiérrez
family all accounted for, inluding pets.  We are in BatonRouge with Donny at "the Gutiérrez Inn."
Love Manuel
& I wrote:
One down; seven to go!  
Am still searching the messageboards to see if there's any word of LleLle & Jane, Margarita, Daniel, & Raúl.
Then there's the Rodríguezes: Kenny & LeAnn, Mickey & Mary, & Tutti.
Just told the Folks & will forward your message on to
the rest of the Clan.  Give Dad a call when you've a spare moment.
Me!  >;~}

 Bryan Werner was known to have stayed in New Orleans per our mutual friend, Keith.
Does anyone know about him? Let's pray military training made him strong and a survivor.
PLEASE let me know.

Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 17:21:56 -0500
Subject: Katrina WebPage

Hi, Finally got my computer up and running in the State of Florida at Pensacola.
As promised to some of the folks, I will try to keep whatever updates come my way. Please refer your friends to add their stories or photos
Click on:

Take the time to find your place on the following:
Good Luck!  Many in Timber Ridge look good.  I think mine is bad.
At least the photos will answer the unknown partially.

Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 21:27:06 -0400
Subject: Hope All Is Well . . .

Hello, Dan.
Just thinking of my Mom's Family from
Louisiana and Mississippi and wishing
you all well at this bizzarre moment in time.
The good thing is that Time passes, and new and better things flow from it. Sure, getting there is hard, but if you keep your focus lifted and your spirit strong, time passes into a better future.
Warm Regards,
Lola (Daisy's youngest @ 46)
ps_"It's not always what we see that we believe,
       but what we believe that we see."

Hi Guys,

Aunt Deysi called and wanted me to send her love to everyone involved in helping family members. She and her family were so distraught and she was so thankful with the good news that I shared with her.

Please keep the Werner boys in your prayers...........I know that they will call in soon.

Just received an email from Danny and he's heading to Pensacola to stay with Augie and his family. The Lord blessed Augie and his family with a furnished house and his only responsibility is utilities.

No more news for now..................please keep in touch.

Love you guys,


Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 01:41:07 EDT
Subject: Re: Hell's Bells!

In a message dated 9/2/05 6:06:02 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
I  beees in Pensacola
Wonderful, wonderful.............and may the Lord bless you on this decision.

Eddie and Angel and I were so glad and relieved to hear from you. Augie has Eddie's cell phone and we're having trouble getting through.  When one of us gets in touch with him we're going to get his physical address and will immediately email this to you.

I forgot what I've told you, but Augie has a furnished home with water front property. I'll keep in touch.


Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 09:18:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: where abouts

Dear Dan:
Please inform us. We have been located with friends in Panama City, FL. The phone # 850-215-8238. Praying family is safe.  Anxious to learn more. Love always.
George & Deb

Another precinct has reported~in!
Aunt America called the Folks around 7 PM last night.
She's now in Fort Lauderdale w/ Linda & her family.
All of our "primary" Gutiérrez cousins are safe & sound ( I can only presume that each one's extended
family members are too, otherwise I am sure that America would've mentioned it.)
Her family is spread~out thru Arkansas, Baton Rouge, & Fort Lauderdale.  Scattered but safe.
That leaves just four to track~down.  If anyone has knowledge of these family members, please lemme know.
They are:
1.»  Brian Werner (George's son), of New Orleans
2.»  Mickey Rodríguez (Uncle Mike's) & wife Mary, of La Place
3.»  Kenny Rodríguez (Uncle Mike's) & wife LeAnn, of Metarie
4.»  Tutti Rodríguez (Uncle Frank's widow), of Metarie.
Hopefully, this is my next to last update of my original "Katrina vs Our Family" e~m.
~ K! ~

 *****************************************************  Posted Sun Sep 4, 2005 *******************************************

Hi family,
I think everyone ought to be aware of the CNN sponsored 'SAFE LIST'.  
I checked it for our outstanding kin, but it's still a good source & might  help
with other people missing, that some family members might want to know about.
Suzy Vernoff

In a message dated 9/3/05 1:14:23 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
That leaves just four to track~down.
If anyone has knowledge of these family members, please lemme know.
They are:

1.» Brian Werner (George's son), of New Orleans

Hey Guys,

George has two older sons besides Brian...........Brett and Tommy.   Has anyone heard from them??

Danny, who lost everything in Pass Christian, made it to Pensacola and is with Augie and his family.

Keep the network working girls.............and thanks for the love and prayers.


Good, Suzy.  That CNN 'Safe List' is probably among the most frequented and
most effective.  And MSNBC has a list of such links on their Web site.
Amazing how quickly these electronic efforts get up and running and changing lives.
Here's the address to all those links.  I found the page did not load
correctly, so if you get a big white space on the page, it's not blank.
Just scroll down.
Best of luck.  The Assaf side is looking for two of my father's sisters and
one husband.  I know the Red Cross registry is working, 'cuz my father's
nephew found me on it.  His mother is one of the missing aunts.
Stay close.

 *******************************************  Posted Mon, Sep 5, 2005 *******************************************

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 00:23:12 EDT

Hey Y'all,

A quick note to everyone.........Aunt America called me this evening and she sounds strong and relieved. She admitted to being a basket case until she heard from all her kiddies. (Just as any other mother)

I thank God for email because the phone system in New Orleans and Baton Rouge really stinks right now.

Miguel just called me and he is safely with his daughter in Santa Ana.

That's all for now,


Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 00:28:05 EDT
Subject: Re: Augie's DeLago

In a message dated 9/4/05 4:53:47 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
When I talked to George and Deb last night he mentioned that to me............but, I really thought that he was exaggerating a bit. I couldn't pull it up on my computer, so I went to a friend's house and saw it myself.  I was stunned to see what I saw.

You know, Danny, I am so thankful that Momma isn't here to witness what is going on in the city that she loved.

Please tell Augie hello for me and tell him that he has to personally send me an email.

I am so thankful for what you can do on the computer and what you have already done. God has blessed you with a wonderful mind.

Love you lots,


I'm beat & I've not heard a peep since Tiffany supplied the approx ages for George's three "boys."
With the possibility of Jefferson Parish opening~up tomorrow for folks who can show i.d., I think that
there'll be a good chance of hearing directly from at least one of the outstanding six.
Before I send, lemme just say that Evy, Roberto, & Nikita (das hund!) are out of the Baton Rouge
Marriot~Courtyard.  Their new address of record is Alessandra's home, here in the San Fernando Valley!
Ronny brought the three of them over for supper today.
I'm sure there'll be another gathering of the Rod~West Clan soon.
Gotta go; need sleep.
See Y'all in the Funny Papers.
~ K! >;~}
P.S.:  Have a good Labour Day!


Fantabulous.  Ya know, screw all the safe lists....if everyone just logged
onto Danny's site, I mean. LiLi's site, we'd all be better off!  Thrilled
to hear of my cousin Evy & Roberto out in my neck-O-D-woods.  Rod-West
gathering 2B sure.  I just can't imagine why the others haven't checked in
yet.  I don't want to imagine why, I'm just hoping that the chaos has them
tending to the immediate issues of relocation.  We're a STRONG crew.  I
know everyone's going to be fine.  Still talking to God about it though.
.  .  and a few others up there I know pretty well.
Love to all YA'LL & you GUYS!

 *******************************************  Posted Wed, Sep 7, 2005 *******************************************

Hi Dan,
My name is Ted Rodriguez. My father is Kenneth (Kenny) who was Mikes son.  I
found about your website from my sister Kas.  We have been posting
everywhere online for Kenny, his wife Leann, Uncle Mickey and Aunt Mary.  No
one has heard from them since the hurricane.  We posted a message on and saw that a "Uncle Duke" was also looking for them.  Didnt even
know i had an Uncle Duke.  But my sister got in contact with them and sure
enough we are looking for the same people.  Dukes with Kathy gave my sister
the link to your wonderful website.  I had no idea all the family we have.  
I remember so many names reading your site it brought back so many good
memories.  After my parents got divorced i had lost touch with my dad.  I
saw him in 1984 and again in 2002.  Attached is a photo taken July 21 2002
at his home.  I just wanted to write you and let you guys know that you have
another Rodriguez out here in Atlanta, and I hope all is well.  Please keep
in touch.
Seated in the picture left to right is:
Shelley - Mickey and Marys daughter
Leann - Kennys wife
Charlene - my wife
Aunt Mary
Michael - Mickey and Marys son
Caleb - my son
Erin - my daughter
Uncle Mickey is taking the picture

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 15:00:17 -0700 (PDT)
Oh my!  Both of the folks are taking naps at the moment, or I'd just ask Daddy (pointless to ask Mom,
what w/ her Alzheimers).  Kenny is most definitely Uncle Mike's natural son; as are his brothers Mickey,
& Dennis.  It's a little funny; Kenny is how I remember Uncle Mike looking when he was hale & hearty
in my childhood, before age & decades of cigarettes caught~up w/ him.
Except that Kenny has a blond version of Uncle Mike's features.  Dennis & Mickey got blondness (which came
from their mother [I really want to say "Julie," but am not sure.])
ANYWAY, back to the question.  What was it?  Oh, yeah, Uncle Mike's children.  I know that Linda Mulheisen
(sp?) is Mike's natural daughter; but Rick . . .           
Mom just woke~up & I asked her; she went right to the genealogy she'd compiled back in 1997!  It really isnt
complete as it doesn't have Mike's last wife, Laurice Haik listed.*  (& if there are other errours/omissions, keep in mind that's a coupla years after she first started being "forgetful," a pre~Alzheimers warning symptom as I NOW know.)
Ted said his wife was gonna try to drive over to Kenny's house today to see what's what.  GOOD; hope she get's thru!
( FINALLY found two "searchable" messageboards that have condensed a ba~zillion others; I just input the
last names & they show all the postings containing that name!  
Except that all I've seen are my own "Call Uncle Duke!" ones.)
Lemme know if I have YOU in the correct place on the above chart & your full info as well.  Also, if you'd
like to have the complete breakdown of descendants of Mamá & PaPá (as far as what Mom had done in '97), I'd
be more than happy to send that.
In fact, I think that I should just send this to ALL  the Cousins.  That way, each can send me THEIR info so
I can update the original!  CRIPES!  What am I getting myself into NOW?  
(Danny, better make that THREE projects, instead of two!)
(Who am I?  Oh, I remember! [Had to look up at the From~field.]) Me!  >;~}
*  This took me soooooo long (Not complaining, mind you; I actually LIKE doing genealogies!) as Mom
suddenly located the page with the missing  information.  How about THAT!  Wonders never DO cease.
She doesn't remember eating lunch (that I gave her an hour ago) but she can go right TO this compilation!
Click here to Find info at  MIKE"S  FAMILY

Just got off the phone w/ Kenny son TED  (That's right; y'all need to update your Address Books again
'cause we've got another cousin!).  His wife has a friend who lives in New Orleans & was able to drive
back today so that friend went past Kenny & LeAnn's.  She discovered that they'd fled to Tupelo, Mississippi
(? SOMEWHERE; I'm sure if I muffed it that Ted or his sister Kas (Kathy) will send a correction.).  
KaMaBu!  >;~}

Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 18:35:39 -0400

Close...tylertown miss,,,,
more good news.,... i was able to get through to Kennys house (finally) and someone named Sidney answered.  I assume on LeAnn's side.  But I have given  him my name and number and told him if he sees or talks to Kenny or Mickey,  to have them call me asap.  Will keep you posted....

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 20:07:10 EDT

In a message dated 9/3/05 8:48:29 PM Central Daylight Time
3 WERNERs: George's sons Brian, Tommy, &Brett

Praise the good Lord..........George Werner's sons contacted me just a few minutes ago.
They had a nightmarish story exiting New Orleans, but they are all safe with their mother, Jeannie, and have been evacuated to San Antonio.
Our missing family members are dwindling, so let's continue to keep them in our prayers.

Love to all of you,
In a message dated 9/3/05 8:48:29 PM Central Daylight Time

We need to get the word out...................ANYBODY with the zip 70124 (Lakeview) needs to contact the American Red Cross. They are now allowing people who live in the 70124 zip to stay in a hotel for 14 days and they will pick up the tab.
This zip includes the Assaf's, Werner's, Calderini's, Ellis, etc.
We need to keep the circuit of information going with helpful info.
Love and lots of hugs to all of you,


Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 19:53:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Katrina vs Our Family UPDATE, Correction, Red Cross INFO & an Idea

Jerlyn wrote that George's three MIAs are safe & sound in San Antonio, w/ their mother.  
That just leaves 3 outstanding: Mickey & Mary (Kenny's brother & sister~in~law) & Tutti.  
(Strange, I just now flashed on the fact that I'm concerned about her & Karen but haven't, until now
that is, even THOUGHT of Jamie Fortier Rodríguez & HER daughters!  Jamie was Uncle Frank's first wife.
Kenny & LeAnn are in Tylertown, Mississippi.  NOT Tupelo (That's what I get for not remembering & then
having to ask my deaf Daddy!).
Jerlyn sent a second message shortly after the UPDATE.
It said:
Get the WORD out . . . ANYBODY with the zip 70124 (Lakeview!) needs to contact the American Red Cross.
They are now allowing people who live in the 70124 zip to stay in a hotel for 14 days & THEY (the AmRC) will pick up the tab!
We need to keep the circuit of information going with helpful info.
(If YOUR family~line is already aware, then pass it on to friends from the specified zip code; & ask THEM to
pass it on, etc, etc, etc.  [Our own little "pay it forward."] ~K!  >;~})
As I only have real knowledge of my 1st cousins (& some of THEM, just barely! [Assafs, EXcluded.]), after
the last three people on my "Lost & Found" search are accounted for, I'd like to be e~m'ing (info, that is)
to ONLY one cousin in each family group, until Mama~NOLA is back on her below sea level feet.  I
presume that those who would LIKE to take this responsibility for contacting THEIR siblings actually
HAS each siblings' e~dress OR cell # (for those not yet in the 21st Century, like LORNA!  Wait, w/o a
'puter so she won't know I just elbowed her in the ribs.  Damn!).  Those siblings would then relay the
messages down THEIR line.  I think it would cut~down tremendously on duplicated/over~lapped messages.  
Lemme know what your thoughts are on this.  & IF you'll be a "primary contact" for your "line."
Hasta la Vista, Baaaby,
Me!  >;~}


Looks like Steve is gonna hunker~down for the "duration" in Seattle.  He starts a new job there,
working w/ Christopher, tomorrow.
As for LleLle Gutiérrez, he's still incommunicado . . . his inbox is full.  So, until one of his siblings
lets me know differently, he's off my radar.
But we DO know he's well, as per that phone conversation w/ America.
BTW, ( as I'm doing all this from Dad's dial~up connection) anyone who tries to call them & gets a
busy signal is MORE than welcome to use my cell #.  It's 818/317-0330.  

geoge sits beside me, dictating, as in the "old days"....well, it seems like forever away since we've run from Katrina's wrath.
He says:
We have relocated to the Boardwalk Hotel in Pensacola., taking the 14-day Fema offer. Our # here is (850) 234-3484. The cellular service is working a bit better. It was great to have recently spoken to Tom, Brian and Brett in TX. I shall be heading back to Met. on Wed. morn for a first hand view of all, and to see if there is anything worth salvaging from the house.
On my way, I will p/u Brittney from Orange Beach and she'll return w/me for a few days before heading out to Chicago, to stay w/her best friend, Linda Rigamer, who recently located there.
Found a great chuch today!
Tommy's cell # 504-220-8438
Brittney's cell #504-417-0433
Love, G&D

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