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Llelle's Page
Llelle and Friends at 71
Click his Beanie to make him rise up

Jan 2009 at Smilie's -- America's 94th
Llelle, America, y Raul Gutierrez
Raul and Jane, Llelle's wife

Below: At Smilie's Restaurant in Harahan celebrating America's 93rd Birthday
Above left is Raul "Tarzan" Gutierrez and friend Mary at Easter.
Above Right: Llelle's wife, Jane with Raul and America -- 2007

2004 Mother's Day for America

Llelle Gutierrez's trip to Costa Rica in 2008
Below: Buganvilla Resort in Puerto Viejo -- south of Limon
Below and above horse photos at a "Tope" in Palmares -- just north of San Jose

Below and above left scenery is Llelle's friend Garro's backyard overlooking San Jose


SuperSpic Llelle's
friend Garro and his granddaughter in
Costa Rica

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