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Mike's Family
Descendants of Mike Rodriguez, eldest son of Mama y Papa?
July 2002
Seated left to right is:
Shelley - Mickey and Marys daughter, Leann - Kennys wife,
Kenny Rodriquez, Charlene - Ted's wife,
Mary (Mickey Rodriquez's wife, Michael - Mickey and Mary's son,
Ted - Kenny 's son, Caleb - Ted's son, and Erin - Ted's daughter
Mickey Rodriquz (not shown) taking picture

   I.  Miguel Angel Rodríguez (08/16/09 - 09/21/86)
        A.  m. Agnes Guthrie (dec. 01/25/46)
               1.  Michael Joseph "Mickey" Rodríguez
                    a.  m. Mary Janin
               2.  Kenneth Paul "Kenny" Rodríguez
                     a.  m. Nancy Jeffers (div)
                            i.  Ted Rodríguez **
                           ii.  Kathy Rodríguez **
                                       b.  m.  Karen James (dec. 12/23/89)
                            (i. Kay James Splane)
                c.  m.  LeAnna Shaeffer     
3.   Dennis George Rodríguez
                      a.  m. Florence Guichard
                      b.  m. Julie Oakman (div)
                               1.  Mary Elena "Linda" (?) Rodríguez  
                                  a.  m. Arthur George Mulheisen
           2.  Sylvia Anne Rodríguez
         a.  Louis La Bauve
              3.  Richard Ralph Rodríguez
                                                  a.  m. Elena Marie ______? (div.)
                4.  Tanya Michelle Rodríguez
                                  a.  m. Russell Joseph Juge
                                                        5.  Franklin David Rodríguez (dec.01/17/67, 3 yrs [fire]
 C.  m. Laurice Haik in 1970   
B.  Mike married  Julia (Not Shown above)

** Ted Rodriquez Reports:
Here is our family:
Kenneth Rodriguez (father)
Nancy Dewing (mother)
Ted (37)(son)
(m.) Charlene (36)
Caleb (15)
Erin (13)
Kathryn Davis-Kelley (35) (daughter)
(m.) Steven (28)
Deric (15)
Tanner (12)
Riehly  (10)
Landon  (3)
Sutton  (1)

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