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One Liners
Let's have fun!  Send in your One Liner remembrances to be compiled here!

Latest One Liner from Vidalia (R) Vernoff

 “I Remember” — One Liners
by Dan Ellis submitted January 9, 2005

PaPa and MaMa
When Papa would do back flips from a standing position
and at other times he would place a bowl of chile on his chest
When Papa would clean out the small cans filled with kerosene that were laid beneath each bed leg
to keep the “Bed Bugs Out”
When Mama would light vigil candles all night long
When hanging out clothes to dry she would say, “I have to hang out the shits”
When in Mama’s later years she would walk off and the whole neighborhood would go out looking for her.

Gutierrez Family
When George (baritone) was the prime star at City Park Stadium and would sing “Siboney”
When George would shave off the heads of Manuel to even the youngest.
When George whistled, the last little Gutierrez  to arrive would get a knuckle shave on his head.
When America would smile, the whole world smiled with her.
When Evy and I were baptized at Sacred Heart Church and America became our Godmother.
When Manuel was top banana of Foreign Affairs at Whitney Bank
When Miguel “Llelle” had oodles of stuffed pillows
When “Rico” was Real Bad
When Linda was little --- before she became beautiful
When Marguerita would cry and laugh at the same time
When I gave Daniel, my grandson, a “100 Bill” for his first child

When she would kiss our white dog, Fritz, and left big red kiss marks all over him
When she carried me home “Piggy Back” from the Queen Theater on Tulane Avenue
When she answered to “Daya”
When she would gleefully model all her new clothes that my mother would buy for her

When she would push down her skirt far enough to show her “Cucaracha” birth mark
When she would enter the bathing beauty contests at Pontchartrain Beach

Haydee and Duke
When she would apply Cocoa Butter on her face and arms for bleaching power
When she would bring Duke to Clark Street house to entertain everyone with his accordion and he would draw comic characters for all the kids

When he would scare me with his terrible ghost stories
When he left me at the New Basin Canal, returning later because he had forgotten that he took me
When he rode into his second wedding atop a White Stallion

Mike and Agnes
When we use to visit them at the Bienville Street Projects
When Mike used Gussie’s Speed boat for trawling in Lake Pontchartrain
When Mickey introduced me to the “CacaHole” Club on Harrison Ave.

When she use to write composition books filled with stories that she would read back to us
When she use to help Papa with his Tamale business
When "Daisy" single handedly opposed the local traditions of Secregation
by insisting that she enroll her child in the boycotted school integration process in New Orleans.

Carmen and Jack
When Jack drew pictures of the Flying Saucer that he had seen
When Carmen would fix pancakes for me at her, then, nearby Lakeview house
When I would tease “Baby” – and was ornery to her “jus becuz”


 February 15, 2005

These few past recollections are intended for your 'one-liner' section & primarily contain undertones of levity.  Your website has been a truly sentimental journey for me, filled with multiple heartfelt echos of the past.  The most meaningful memory my heart holds that involves you, is one that I shall forever hold dear.  When I was experiencing emotional agony at my father's burial site, and ran off feeling so alone and desolate, you alone noticed and were there to put your much needed arm around me.
Thanks for so many memories. . . . .
Ever, Daya

. . . Recalling the first time I gathered my first nephew in my arms and called him "my little Danny Boy". . .
. . . When a five year old boy rested his head on my shoulder & pretended to be asleep, as I carried him from the back of his mother's car into his house, to go beddy-bye. . . .
. . . Seeing a three year old toddler stripped to his waist, pulling his little sister in a red wagon along the path across from West End Park. . . .
. . . When a horny seven year old boy was chased away by his mother, while peering through a crack in the bathroom door. . . .
. . . Recalling the man who generously hosted and feted the "visiting firemen" at New Orleans finest gourmet houses. . .
. . . . When Danny served as a personal tour guide during Mardi Gras. . .


Now it's your turn send them in  even in bits and pieces and I will merge them into your peronal section such as that follows.  Who will be the next one to submit.

 “I Remember” — One Liners
by YOUR NAME submitted on  DATE

By the Way
If you think I have nothing else to do . . .
You are grossly Wrong!

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