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As photos are sent in,
I will place them on this page until sorting them out later.
Please give a brief description and date to each photo for others to appreciate.
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Below:  8-year-old Ross, son of Karyn and Greg Browning
Karyn is Dan Ellis's daughter

Below Left:  Dan Ellis' daughter -- Cynthia in 2005
Below Right: Dan Ellis' daughter - Brenda's son Michael - H.S. graduate 2007

Vidalia and Wally's 50th Anniversary Nuptials

Descendants of Mike Rodriguez, eldest son of Mama y Papa?
July 2002
Seated left to right is:
Shelley - Mickey and Marys daughter, Leann - Kennys wife,
Kenny Rodriquez, Charlene - Ted's wife,
Mary (Mickey Rodriquez's wife, Michael - Mickey and Mary's son,
Ted - Kenny 's son, Caleb - Ted's son, and Erin - Ted's daughter
Mickey Rodriquz (not shown) taking picture

Kim David, long time family friend, sent in remarks about Lili and a photo showing a dress that Lili had fitted for her.  
Frank Rodriquez's adopted daughter is shown in middle.

See larger Photos of Drew-Michael by clicking his photos above


Suzy-Q --- Dorian --- Liliana (Aliyah)
(Suzy --- daughter of Vidalia and Wally Vernoff)
Hot Ladies of the Clan!
(about 1992) Suzy (Vernoff), Tiffany Assaf, Jennifer Bryant, Alessi(Assaf)
Jennifer is Carmen's granddaughter

Miguelle with Angelle, Samantha, Lili
July 5, 2004Mario, Jonah, Angelle, Alissa
Miguel Fuentes with Angelle3,Mario's granddaughter, Samatha8, Eddie's Granddaughter, and Lili4, Augie's daughter.
Mario Calderini with son Jonah10, and granddaughters Angelle3 and Alissa 1 1/2
Alissa with daughters Angelle and Alisa on Christmas 2004


Below is Tiffany Assaf (youngest daughter of Evy and Roberto)
with fiance, Leo Tandecki, III --- and their dog, Cosmo!


Jazz in the Pass 2005
The Mariachis with Tarzan and Llelle Gutierrez
and Dan the Man from Pass Christian

2006 Christmas at Eve's (one of Eddie's daughters)
showing Eddie, Evy, Mario, Jerlyn
2006 Christmas photos taken by Bucky Courtney who writes:
From left to right... back row
Scott Werner, Allessandra Assaf, me, Tiffany Assaf, Akeesha Calderini Villars, Ronnie Assaf, Clement Villars, Dane Calderini, Steven Assaf
My arm (and beer) is on Angel's youngest, Jonah.  Ducking down is Jia Calderini (again, unless she's married) with one of her 3,  (Party Hostess) Eve Marie Werner, Eric Werner, and the unknown blonde holds on to Jonathan Assaf.
It's been12 to15 years or more since I've seen some of these guys.
Happy New Year

Dan's "After Katrina" Life-- March 2007

Addition to Lili of the Lake
from Jerlyn showing Lili at 14 lamenting "Ugh! Graduation Day and no Prom"

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