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Tiffany's Wedding
April  8,  2006
Evy and Roberto Assaf's youngest daughter Tiffany, marries Leo Tandecki

Roxane, Alessi, Leo, Jonathan, Stephen
and Stephen playing guitar below

Evy and son escorts, Christopher and Ronnie Assaf
who are also below with Mario Calderini, brother of Evy

Robby Assaf expounds marriage as he read a passage by Kahlil Gibran.
and Samantha Werner distributes flowers

Tiffany and Leo above performed at other family weddings in years gone by.

Communion is administered
followed by their Kiss

Presenting - - - - -Mr. and Mrs . .. . . . . .

The Wedding Party above
as Tiffany and Leo are accompanied by their parents below

Tiffany Second Lines before saying goodbye
to her Sisters
Roxane and Alessandra